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Don’t Binge Diet, Just Eat Smarter; 3 Tips to Achieve Your Ideal Weight

"Balancing Energy In (food Calories) and Energy Out is what weight loss and weight gain are all about. Tip the seesaw toward Energy In, and you gain weight; tip the seesaw toward Energy Out, and you lose weight." - The Physicist's Guide to Weight Loss, Mark Beusing I love this viewpoint because, in physics, there is… Continue reading Don’t Binge Diet, Just Eat Smarter; 3 Tips to Achieve Your Ideal Weight

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10 Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday Season (and Still Drink Some EggNog)

On average, the meal you and most Americans consume is a whopping 3,000 - 5,000 calories for a typical Thanksgiving/Holiday celebration. Yikes! That is the equivalent of; 8 Hours of Shoveling snow...yes, I said shoveling, not snow blowing 3-4 Hours of Running Continuously... Up Stairs... Non-Stop 6 Hours of Circuit Training, and a pretty dang tough… Continue reading 10 Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday Season (and Still Drink Some EggNog)

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T³ #011: When in Doubt, Roll it Out

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday… I’m highly confident your body would be a perfect, well-oiled machine if you could afford a massage every single week. But let’s be real, you need a way to massage your sore and achy muscles on your own time. Foam Rolling allows you to do that. I love to… Continue reading T³ #011: When in Doubt, Roll it Out

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T³ #010: Re-Download What You Read

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday… Wouldn't it be great if you had a photographic memory? I'm sure someone you know is able to see and remember some of the craziest facts and moments; if only we could do that with highly important information, right? We are overloaded by information on a daily basis. Think… Continue reading T³ #010: Re-Download What You Read

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Run Like a Gazelle With These 5 Super Supplements

-- Fuel your body without having to digest food, meaning more energy for your legs -- Improve performance without drugs (or superpowers) & -- Enjoy the run 10x more because you can smile and breathe easily instead of scouring and sucking wind through a straw

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T³ #009: Underdress So You Don’t Overheat

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday… With the colder weather approaching rapidly, adding hats, gloves, jackets, and scarves to your outfit is a necessity to stay warm battling the elements. Bunding up all nice and toasty is great for driving, running errands, or playing in the snow; you should NEVER be too old to make… Continue reading T³ #009: Underdress So You Don’t Overheat

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Cardio or Resistance Training: Which is Better for Optimal Health?

You might hear it from a doctor, family member, or even a friend that you should start exercising to improve your health. But what does that mean exactly? How long should I exercise for? Does it matter what type? What if I don't have a trainer? There is no way I have time for that.… Continue reading Cardio or Resistance Training: Which is Better for Optimal Health?


T³ #008: Fast Mile or Slow Marathon?

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday… Today I bring a review of an article I read a month or so back, and resonated with me on how I approach some of my training days. 'Outside' magazine (*which you can read here*) spoke with ultrarunner Rickey Gates (who took on the conquest of a 4,000 mile… Continue reading T³ #008: Fast Mile or Slow Marathon?

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Turn On Your Butt With Kick-Ass Kettlebell Moves

Why Your Butt is Worth More Than Just Looking Good Your butt, glutes, cheeks, fanny, buns, tooshie, badonkadonk, or whatever else you want to call it has big shoes to fill when it comes to strengthening and optimizing the body. The four primary benefits of strengthening your glutes are; Improving your Posture Preventing Injury and… Continue reading Turn On Your Butt With Kick-Ass Kettlebell Moves

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T³ #007: Scan & Plan!

This Week on Trail Tip Thursday… Especially this time of the year, being surrounded by beautiful Fall weather can be such a pretty sight. The colors of the leaves so diverse, crunching underneath your feet. Many animals are scurrying to prepare for colder months. And you are bundling yourself up with a couple extra layers… Continue reading T³ #007: Scan & Plan!